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Welcome! && Videos from our Great Members!

Welcome, all Hetalia fans! just a few points to get you started!

:bulletred: KEEP IT CLEAN! Make sure you have filters on anything of mature content.
:bulletred: REGARDING THE "FEATURED" FOLDER. There is a high chance, if your work is incomplete or poorly composed (for both art and writing), that your deviation will not be accepted into this folder. Finished pieces (including proofed and well-executed writings) have much more of a chance to be accepted here. We will NOT accept MMD into this folder, because MMD is an easy program that really doesn't require much in terms of work, only for positioning and lighting. Trust me. I've worked with it. And got the hang of the program without a few hours. It is premade for EASY ANIMATION, for those who cannot use more expensive softwares to create non model-based animations. Basically it's a beginner's tool and already rather choppy and easily pieced together. So no MMD accepted there.
IF YOU WANT TO JOIN CONTRIBUTORS, YOU MUST LIST YOUR REASONS. What can you contribute to the group? Do you have time? Dedication? Same for co-founders.
:bulletred: And please remember that you should submit to the correct folder; don't just dump all your stuff in Featured.
:bulletred: Come on, of course its gotta be about Hetalia!
:bulletred: And finally, please give any credit to other bases/line arts/original creators.
:bulletred:Have fun uploading!



As always! Sing! Dance! Sleep! Don't be afraid to try English cooking! And stay cool! -Elvinaelf :XD:
Videos! from inkstaineddove

Send me a link to your videos if you want them up here!

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A fan club that is dedicated to sharing artists' love of the webcomic series Axis Powers Hetalia by Hidekaz Himaruya!
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Jul 8, 2010


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Fan Club

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Hey there bros! I'm finally back with contest prizes and themes! I know it's been over a month since I posted for the contest donations, but just pretend I was killed or something. :P Many apologies.

After a lot of thought, we have selected three themes!
:rose:2Ps (and I hope to see at least some creativity with this :P)
:rose:Foods from different cultures
:rose:World peace

Interpret these themes how you would like!

Deadline is May 18... and you can submit up to three drawings or writing pieces. Simply submit the deviation to this folder:…

And now, for the part that most people want to know about... Prizes.

First place:
:blackrose:a fully colored portrait of a character from Toasty-Marshmallow
:blackrose:Fanfiction up to 5000 words from Espada-Kitsuki
:blackrose:20 points from do-he-got-the-booty
:blackrose:a simple colored drawing of 1 character from GydroZMaa
:blackrose:half-body coloured drawing from ChocoVanillaX

Second place:
:blackrose:A waist-up drawing by Ashen-Ray
:blackrose:A reader insert around 1K words (or more?) from ButterflyXMoonlight
:blackrose:a simple colored drawing of 1 character from GydroZMaa
:blackrose:a bust-up coloured/half-body sketches from ChocoVanillaX

Third place:
:blackrose:A full-coloured bust drawing by ViiiRoko
:blackrose:a full body drawing from do-he-got-the-booty
:blackrose:a simple colored drawing of 1 character from GydroZMaa
:blackrose:a bust-up coloured/half-body sketches from ChocoVanillaX

Writer's Prize: ... only for one person.
:blackrose:a reader insert from Holland-aph
:blackrose:a line-art gif with max 2 characters. About 30 frames +/- 5... from JoyousInsomnia
:blackrose: digital, chibi or normal style, full body character/s (1 to 3), colored... from ObsySama
:blackrose:20 points from Espada-Kitsuki

Special Prize. This prize is for my personal favourite submission, which is based on creativity, aesthetic, and quality. Both writing and art has an equal chance to win. If you place and your piece is my favourite, then I will ask you if you prefer the special prize or the prize you placed for. Information on the game below.
:blackrose:A short 2D RPG game from Espada-Kitsuki, myself, and Espada-Naoto... up to an estimated 30 min of gameplay. Similar to the style of games such as HetaOni, Dreamtalia, or Insanitalia. (I'm one of the main developers of Insanitalia, if you want an example of you'll get in quality of gameplay/visuals.)
:blackrose:How it works is you come up with an idea for how the game should be, brief me on it; I rewrite the script it in a way that gives a nice flow of play. You have the right to edit as you wish.
:blackrose:Screenshots and facesets not included--if you want some, they should be provided by you, whether you have someone make them or make them yourself. Contact me personally for further details.

Let me know if anyone is actually interested in the special prize. I doubt that there will be much interest, so if we do not have people interested, or if there are not 8 or more submissions for the contest, I will retract this prize.

But yeah! We're set! So let's get writing, drawing, whatever you like!

Good luck to all the contestants! May you all have a happy time creating your submissions!
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